Monday, September 12, 2011

Rivers, Puppies, and Bike Rides

This weekend was the ultimate in relaxation for me. I intended to get much more sleep than I did, but still I didn't go crazy, and managed to be quite productive! My goal was to not even leave the house, which proved itself an impossible task, as the sun was so bright, and the heat was just right! I managed to hop on the beach cruiser, and wander around VCU, and ultimately ending at Belle Isle. sure to soak up as much sun as possible before slipping into the pale slumber of fall and winter in the River City. I should start from Friday really, cause it began as usual, mojitos and a gay bar, then jetting off to the Hat Factory in order to meet up with someone I stress over ALL THE TIME, cause I spend all day dreaming of living happily ever after and some shit! Whatevs, I get the word to meet up, IM THERE! Quickly into the weekend, my wrists were already full of colorful paper strips claiming my age to drink, leaving no room for any more for the remainder of the weekend!
 Somehow, we managed to pickup a puppy, with full intentions of finding a nice home for him! As I was falling madly in love with him, I was fortunate enough to find a great home for him in the neighborhood, allowing me the ultimate convenience of seeing the puppy in his cute cuddly times, and not having to run around cleaning shit, and other puppy messes!!
Back to the bikes, and the river!! RELAXXXXX!!!!!! So nice!!

Cruising up and down the streets after a nice bake off, listening to my Florence and the Machine station on Pandora, I was absolutely worry free! Especially when I finally got to my rock! I had my book, my music, and my towel, and started roasting in the sun!
And really, what better way to wrap up a September weekend, than a trip to the Midlothian to catch up with old friends at the trust Sports page for football and wings!!!
I was not lying about the good weekend part!! But im back in the city, and ready to get the thang done!!

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